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Medical Image Analysis

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Surveillance Systems

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Crowd Dynamics

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Application Development

ICT R&D Research Grant

We recently won a research grant of 17.5 Million from ICT Fund to create a commercial medical application for Andrology Clinics. Work has started and the application prototype is already used in clinics in University of Cambridge, Oxford, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham (UK)


We Won two consecutive positions for our published research projects in this national and prestigious event.

HEC Research Grant

We are awarded 6.3 million rupees to study and analyse Microscopic Cells. This study started on February 2014. Duration of the study is 2 Years.


We have applied for Phase 2 of our ICT R&D Project. This system when developed would perfect an already ongoing spermatozoa analysis project of ICT R&D and would significantly address the issue of morphological health and quality of sperms in the samples.