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Medical/Agricultural Image Analysis

  1. Computer Aided Sperm Analysis System
  2. Medical Cell Morphology
  3. Plant physiology and Root Analysis
  4. Plant Microscopic Cell growth Analysis
  5. Automated Cephlogram analysis for orthodontists
  6. Blood Sample Analysis to detect Malaria and its Stages

Human Gesture and Pose Analysis

  1. Hand gesture analysis
  2. Head gesture analysis
  3. 3D Human Pose recovery from 20 joint tracking in sports application
  4. iMouse: mouse movement and control based on gaze analysis.


Optical Character Recognition

  1. Non-standard Pakistani Car # Plate location and recognition System
  2. Captcha font analysis and string recovery up to 90% accuracy.

Surveillance Systems

  1. Crowd Dynamics and analysis for masjid al haram, Makkah, Saudi Arab
  2. Suspicious behavior detection in the surveyed area
  3. Crowd analysis based on MPS and extracting coordinated movements of different groups recognized automatically.
  4. Object recognition and detection algorithms
  5. Object Tracking algorithms for trajectory predictions and analysis
  6. 3D Panoramic video stitching for live virtual video dome
  7. Sym-Bionic Eye: Live head movements porting to PTZ providing live video to a head mountable display for remote natural surveillance.

Biometric Solutions

  1. Face Recognition based on Eigen, Fisher and Local Binary Histogram Patterns (LBHP)
  2. Human Face recognition using non trained single images.

Image and Vision Applications

  1. Gear dimension and properties using image algorithms
  2. Crack Propagation analysis and prediction using fringe patterns while constant loading and unloading cycles on a transparent material flange.

Commercial Application Design & Development

  1. CASA
  2. Face Recognition for Telenor
  3. Crowd Dynamics for HajjCore