We mainly provide technological solutions and services as mentioned above. This includes industry and research projects. We have successfully created commercial applications and have taken them to market, besides pure research based works.

There is always a chance of getting a commercial tool as a by product of research work and we have some systems that have spun out of our R&D efforts and are currently in the marketing process.

Our services are not only targeted towards the IT industry. Our goal is to involve people from the business and non-IT community, they could pitch domain specific problems they face while running their businesses and going about their professional work, and we could try to come up with efficient technological solutions as their partners or employees, hence benefiting both parties.

Our expertise include the following:
Business Intelligence, CRM, Database Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Mining solutions, Web and E-commerce Solutions, Animations and Graphic Designing, Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning algorithms for prediction and advice, Desktop and Server side Solutions.