Word Of Caution

As with any other automated system, SperminatorĀ® should not be viewed as a 'replacement' for trained and competent staff but simply as a tool to assist in the everyday running of the ART laboratory. Validation of the system has been undertaken by experienced healthcare scientists and it is clear that the most reliable data will only be obtained if users adhere to the following guiding principles.

  1. The system is operated by fully trained scientific staff

  2. The settings are checked and the system regularly calibrated

  3. The microscope image is sharp and has suitable contrast

  4. The number of individual slides/samples taken from the specimen is increased

  5. The number of microscopic fields (and sperm) analysed is increased

  6. Specimens/samples are well mixed

  7. Samples are diluted in if the initial sperm concentration measurement exceeds 80 millions per ml