About Us

Company Profile

Procreative: was formed in 2012 after a 4 year collaboration between Matt Tomlinson and Dr Asad Naeem (formerly of Nottingham University) developing the Sperminator®.

Procreative's mission is to help provide a new 'higher' standard in semen analysis, by reducing variation of method, improving reliability and reproducibility.

Sperminator® has been refined substantially over a 3 year period and considerable validation against the best st manual methods has been the main aim produced. 2012 sees the launch of the first commercially available system with the promise of further developments in the pipeline.

The Founder

Mathew Tomlinson has worked as andrologist for over 20 years. Contributing to the development of education and standards first with the BAS and then as a founder member of the ABA. He currently runs a busy regional andrology/fertility service and lectures for the University of Nottingham.

He has a number of publications on both basic research and clinical aspects of andrology, several chapters and was co-editor of 'sperm banking' (Pacey and Tomlinson, 2009).

He is a former CPA assessor and has provided consultant advice to a number of other institutions including: Regulatory agencies, NHS trusts and Universities, private laboratories and companies, including solicitors.

Asad Naeem has a PhD in computer vision from the University of Nottingham UK, and is now Head of Department in Computer Science, Air University.

He maintains an interest in research and development, particularly in imaging and computer vision. He is responsible for some 90 undergraduates per year and has been developing software for the Sperminator since 2008.