• Automated assessment of sperm concentration, motility and average progressive velocity.
  • Reduces specimen-processing time, whilst providing results which are the equivalent to and more reproducible than current gold standard methods.
  • Identifying all the sperm (and eliminating non sperm cells and debris) in a given area/volume we can easily extrapolate to the sperm concentration in millions per ml
  • Once sperm are properly identified (time taken may vary depending on sample clarity) which takes a few seconds, Sperminator┬« tracks sperm for 1 second (60 video frames) assigning a swimming speed to each track.

Sperminator® EQA (External Quality Assessment)

Our EQA scheme is a simple scheme which has been devised for users of our recently developed CASA system. In the absence of other more appropriate EQA, we have organised a simple scheme for continuous evaluation of the systems currently in use and the individuals using them. Assessment of the video clips distributed by is scheme is aimed at bringing about centre: centre consistency with regard to 3 major measures of semen/sperm quality, concentration, motility and velocity and tests both the automated system in place and those who operate it. Initially the scheme is free to new purchasers of the Sperminator® for 6 months, after which an annual subscription is required.