Frequently asked questions

Are the results from Sperminator® as accurate and reproducible as those produced using WHO (2010) recommended methods?

Probably more so, providing you follow the basic rules as outlined in the user guide. Moreover, the results can be obtained in a fraction of the time. Unfortunately in recent times the value of the sperm motility analysis has effectively been 'dumbed down' in the WHO manual by asking only for % progression. This is purely to make it easier to perform and improve internal QC

Are some samples more difficult to analyse accurately?

Yes, it's the same for manual semen analysis in that highly viscous samples and those full of debris and non sperm cells can be more difficult to handle and test but because of the speed of testing on Sperminator® multiple sample from the same specimen container can improve accuracy. Manual analysis does not lend itself to this because it it so slow.

Can I use Sperminator® only for IUI and IVF treatment samples?

Of course, in fact Sperminator® performs better with washed/prepared samples than any others. During IVF, sample processing and analysis time is considerably reduced.

Can I check the results of my Sperminator® by sending a video clip to a colleague in another laboratory?

Yes that is very simple to do. You can also use this to ask colleagues to take a look at a sample and give a 2nd opinion

Will Sperminator® improve the efficiency and quality of our laboratory output?

Undoubtedly by reducing the average time of analysis by approximately 14 minutes, staff can concentrate on other important or higher risk activities.

Can Sperminator® allow re-analysis of a sample?

Yes you can verify an analysis by re-check stored video material. Clearly this could be done many years after the first analysis providing that the video material is stored.

Why should I choose Sperminator® instead of some other CASA system?

Sperminator® has been developed by Andrologists for scientists in reproductive medicine. The data produced over the past few years is not available for other systems