Special features of new SAMi

SAMi is available on a very flexible platform and we can provide a PC/microscope combination which best suits your lab. Micro PCs which can be easily located under benches with screen attached to a wall. Alternatively, you can use a conveniently sized all-in-one touchscreen PC.

Recent additions to functionality include

  • Edit feature to maximize sperm detection and sperm count accuracy
  • Variable sensitivity - improves pick-up rate and reduces operator intervention*
  • Embedded image into report page showing tracked sperm (below)

*With any CASA there is sometimes a ‘trade-off’ between detecting ALL sperm in a field and ensuring that debris is not detected in error. This feature allows moves the ‘gates’ to either ignore debris completely or occasionally if sperm heads are so small as to resemble debris the gates may be changed as shown in the figure below.

Reporting Function
A simple database is provided with SAMi but data can be exported into its simplest format (.csv) for incorporation into other data management software

Summary reports can also be accessed in a separately stored folder alongside video stored for every analysis

Saved data for any analysis in the form of a. video files b. summary notepad and c. track data - showing X,Y plots for 60 frames of video for every sperm per field analysed (very useful for researchers wanting to examine basic kinematic parameters in its most raw form and without pre-definition